About the Section

Section Coordinator Doug Sestock

Assistant Section Coordinator Steve Davidson

Our sections By-Laws  can be viewed here  WPA-By-Laws


Feb_2014_Handgun_Rules_Update Which includes PCC & Carry Optic Appendixes as well as
the new PCC rules Addendum

Western Pa Section currently consist of eight clubs.

Western Pa Section Clubs (Click to in large)

North of Pittsburgh:

  1. Castlewood Rod & Gun Club
  2. Gem City Gun Club
  3. Lawrence County Sportsmen’s Association
  4. Pardoe Sportsmen

South of Pittsburgh:

  1. Hollidaysburg Sportsmen’s Club
  2. Clairton Sportsmen’s
  3. Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s
  4. East Huntingdon Practical Shooters

PractiScore Links

Gem City
PractiScore  https://practiscore.com/clubs/gem-city-gun-club

Pitcairn Monroeville (PMSC) 
PractiScore https://practiscore.com/clubs/pitcairn-monroeville-sportsmens-club

Pardoe Sportsmen’s 
 PractiScore https://practiscore.com/clubs/pardoe-sportsmen-s-association

Clairton Sportsmen’s
(Note: Not using PS for pre-registration)
PractiScore https://practiscore.com/clubs/clairton-sportsmens

Lawrence County (LCSA) Sportsmen’s
PractiScore  https://practiscore.com/clubs/lcsa-2

PractiScore https://practiscore.com/clubs/castlewood-rod-and-gun-club

East Huntingdon 
PractiScore https://practiscore.com/clubs/east-huntingdon-practical-shooters-1

Hollidaysburg Sportsmen’s
PractiScore https://practiscore.com/clubs/hollidaysburg-sportsmen-s-club