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  • Follow your club on Practiscore

    Follow your club on Practiscore have your favorite clubs schedule show up in your PractiScore dashboard! Create a profile – Click on your favorite clubs link below – Click the “FOLLOW” button. That’s it, now when you log into your Practiscore, click your dashboard to view your monthly calendar. This PS calendar gives you the […]

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  • Spring Schedule


    Mar-17, Sunday Clairton    Mar-23, Saturday East Huntingdon  ORIENTATION CLASS Mar-24, Sunday East Huntingdon  Apr-06, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Apr-07, Sunday Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Apr-13, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Apr-14, Sunday Clairton    Apr-14, Sunday Castlewood    Steel Challenge  Apr-20, Saturday Castlewood      Apr-20, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) Steel Challenge  Apr-28, Sunday East Huntingdon 

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  • Action Shooting Competitor Orientation – USPSA


    Do you like shooting handguns?  Interested in trying shooting action pistol sport, well we got you covered….. This weekend March 9th Lawrence County Sportsmen’s will host a FREE new shooter orientation. If you like to register here or at the club.  Location: 3380 North Mill Street Wampum, Pa 16157 East Huntingdon Sportsmen’s Association, will be once again hosting […]

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  • Western Pennsylvania PCC Championship


    Match: September 27, 28, 29, 2019 Registration Open: https://practiscore.com/2019-western-pennsylvania-pcc-championship/register Location: Lawrence County Sportsmen’s  3380 North Mill Street  Wampum, Pa 16157 We will be running 10 stages with a round count near 280 plus. This is a Trophy match – as provided for in rule 6.2.2 and Appendix A2 Match Entry Fee: $80.00   Match Director: Dave Dorisio Email: fast38super@yahoo.com […]

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  • Western PA PCC Championship


    Yes an all Pistol Caliber Carbine match! Dave Dorisio & Ray Donch are teaming up to host the first all PCC  Championship match. The match will be hosted at Lawrence County Sportsmen’s the plan as of now, are tentative date of September 28/29 2019, for competitors. Staff will need to be available for the 27th if needed. […]

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  • Thank You For Your Service!


    Veterans Day is Nov. 11th so thank a veteran this week for their service! Thanks to all the veterans as well as the families of our veterans. To all that have come home as well as the guys and gals that did not make it home, and to the ones that struggle with their demands […]

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  • October Match Schedule


    Oct-06, Saturday Hollidaysburg    Oct-07, Sunday Gemcity USPSA     Pardoe USPSA     Pitcairn Monroeville    Oct-13, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Frightening 400 Match   Oct-14, Sunday Clairton        Oct-20, Saturday Lawrence Cou (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Oct-21, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Oct-27, Saturday Castlewood      Halloween Match Oct-28, Sunday East […]

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  • Sept Match Schedule


    Sep-01, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Lawrence County (LCSA)  DATE CHANGE ****** Pardoe USPSA DATE CHANGE  Sep-02, Sunday Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Sep-09, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Sep-15, Sunday Lawrence County (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Sep-16, Sunday Clairton    Sep-22, Saturday Castlewood      Sep-23, Sunday East Huntingdon  Sept-30, Sunday Lawrence County (LCSA)   Classifier Match & Date Change!!