Western PA Section Championship


 2020 Coda Evolution Western PA Sectional – July 24, 25, 26


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2020 Western PA Section Championship Match Participation Release and Agreement
(Parent or Legal Guardian agreement) Download Here.

This match has a New Location East Huntingdon Sportsmen’s    

Match Director:  Roger Elder
Range Master: Dave Dorisio & Chuck Brooks
Stats/RegistrationGreg Zombek

Match Asistents: Ron Rogers, Rich Alloway, Jacob Willson

Hotels:  Nearest to the club is New Stanton PA

Camping near the club:

Registration: https://www.practiscore.com/2020-western-pa-section-championship/register


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Western PA Sectional 2019
Clairton Sportsmen’s

  Chris Keen 2019 Match winner!

Complete Scores Here.

Plaque Winners


Jeff Emrich
High Carry Optics
1st M Class Carry Optics
Bill Duda

2nd High Carry Optics

Ryan Zamberlan
3rd High Carry Optics
Stephen Georgia
High Limited
1st A Class Limited
Nick Reynolds
2nd High Limited
Keanu Sy
3rd High Limited
1st M Class Limited
Chris Keen
Match Overall Winner
High Open
Aaron Eddins
2nd High Open
1st M Class Open
Ron Francisco
3rd High Open
Matthew Kalisch
High PCC
1st M Class PCC
Eric Dyrstad
2nd High PCC
Ryan Zambrzycki
3rd High PCC
1st A Class PCC
Chris Scott
High Production
1st A Class Production
1st Production Military
Patches Reeder
2nd High Production
Chris Sundelsky
3rd High Production
1st M Class Production
Stephen Van
High Single Stack
Michael Danjczek
2nd High Single Stack


Luke Cao
1st B Class Carry Optics
Matt Simmons
|2nd B Class Carry Optics
Tae Hoon Kim
1st C Class Carry Optics
Paul Herold
2nd A Class Limited
Michael McKerns
1st B Class Limited
Cam Workman
2nd B Class Limited
Jesse Morton
3rd B Class Limited
Jenn DeFazio
1st C Class Limited
Adam Knox
2nd C Class Limited
Paul Hepler

3rd C Class Limited

Gabriel Trbovich
1st U Class Limited
Kevin Gorospe
1st A Class Open
Darren Herold
1st B Class Open
David Bowen
2nd B Class Open
Sean Collins
3rd B Class Open
Taylor Bishop
1st C Class Open
Kenneth Dittig
2nd C Class Open
Mia Farinelli
1st B Class PCC
Chris Triantifilou
2nd B Class PCC
Sam Lorino
1st B Class Production
Scott Rader
2nd B Class Production
Renlin Zhang
3rd B Class Production
Jesse Carl
1st C Class Production
Robert Bromiley
2nd C Class Production
Mark Evans

3rd C Class Production

Oleg Shein

1st B Class Single Stack




Jim Civitello

High Senior Carry Optics

Robert Evans
High Senior Limited
Jeff Jackling

2nd High Senior Limited

Brett Davenport
High Law Limited
Bill Seevers

High Senior Open

Barry Ruane

2nd High Senior Open

Jeffrey Killinger
High Senior PCC
Matthew Nash
High Law Production

2019 Western Pa Member Winners:

Ryan           Zambrzycki   3rd    High PCC |  1st  A Class – PCC

Darren       Herold            1st     B Class  – Open

Paul            Herold            2nd    A Class – Limited

Gabriel       Trbovich         1st     U Class – Limited

Robert       Bromiley        2nd    C Class – Production

Adam         Knox                2nd     C Class – Limited

Kenneth    Dittig                2nd    C Class –   Open

Jeffrey       Killinger           High  Senior  – PCC

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 2018 Western Pa Member Winners:


Richard Alloway Section winner as well as Limited Division winner.
(Rich came in 19th overall and 4th in Limited Div.)

Jeffrey Fletcher Western Pa Production winner.
(Jeff  came in 4th in Production Div.)

Brian Miller Western PA PCC winner.
(Brian came in 3rd in PCC Div.)

Steve Martin Western Pa CO winner.
(Steve came in 4th in CO Div.)

Earl Cowher Western PA SS winner.
(Earl came in 5th in SS Div.)

Alan Maslonek Western Pa Open winner.
(Alan came in 18th in Open Div.)

Western PA High Lady Jenn DeFazio Limited 2nd Lady
Western PA High Junior  Johnathan McClain 4th Junior

2018 Championship Match Winners:

Match Winner, Tom Sargent M OPEN 

2nd Weaver, Mike  M OPEN
3rd  Roberts, Jason M OPEN

Match Results – Senior
1          Ruane, Barry   Open, M
2          Civitello, Jim   CO, M
3          Urban, Robert Open, M

Match Results – Super Senior
1          Roberts, Paul   Open, M
2          Steele, Rick     Open, M
3          Laliberte, Ken  Open, B

Match Results – Law Enforcement
1          Sousa, Jose      PCC, A
2          Stouffer, Robert CO, B
3          Herman, Lyle OPEN,  U

Match Results – Junior
1          Billings, Chance          Open, B
2          Bowen, David             Open, B
3          Dunlevy, Lian             Prod, C

Match Results – Military
1          Taylor, Paul     LTD     B
2          Sims, Josh       PROD            B
3          Little, Shelton LTD   D

 Match Results – Lady
1          Maslonek, Heather      PCC, B
2          Defazio, Jenn              LTD,  C
3          Draghi, Karina            Open,  B

Top 3 in each Division Class of 3 or more shooters.

Limited     1st  Stuart, Aj
Limited     2nd  Reynolds, Nick
Limited     3rd  Smith, Caleb

Limited M
1 Stuart, Aj
2 Sy, Keanu
3 Clements, Ryan

Limited A
1 Alloway, Richard
2 Krumme, Bradley
3 Frieday, Tim

Limited B
1 Smith, Caleb
2 Mcclain, Robert
3 Taylor, Paul

Limited C
1 Wiedrick, Jeff
2 Houston, Tyler
3 Francia, Ryan

Limited D
1 Little, Shelton
2 Gundlach, Matthew
3 Cowher, Kip

Limited U
1 Smith, Jim
2 Miller, Shawn
3 Grippi, Bruno

Match Results – Limited Senior
1 Jackling, Jeff
2 Mulock, David
3 Elder, Roger

Match Results – Limited Lady
1 Defazio, Jenn
2 Turovsky, Jennifer
3 Cowher, Kip

1 Sargent, Tom
2 Weaver, Mike
3 Roberts, Jason

1 Sargent, Tom
2 Weaver, Mike
3 Roberts, Jason

1 Draghi, Joe
2 Clay, David
3 Jackson, Chris

1 Cao, Luke
2 Birkhimer, Adam
3 Maslonek, Alan

1 Stedman, Tim
2 Collins, Sean
3 Richter, Chris

Match Results – Lady
1 Draghi, Karina
2 Smith, Sophia
3 Seay, Mary gordon

Match Results – Junior
1 Billings, Chance
2 Bowen, David
3 Danjczek, Sasha

Match Results – Senior
1 Ruane, Barry
2 Urban, Robert
3 Dipasquale, Sam

Match Results – Super Senior
1 Roberts, Paul
2 Steele, Rick
3 Laliberte, Ken

1 Bock, Kevin
2 Olinchak, Matt
3 Piraino, Scott

Production M
1 Bock, Kevin
2 Piraino, Scott
3 Mallaber, Eric

Production A
1 Fletcher, Jeffery
2 Kosterich, Eric
3 Dunlevy, Robert

Production B
1 Pappas, Jim
2 Turovsky, Miguel
3 Sims, Josh

Production C
1 Zhang, Bo
2 Kunkel, Lafe
3 Dunlevy, Lian

Production D
1 Zabonik, Anthony
2 Motz, Jacob
3 Pinsent, Clifford

Production U
1 Siekmann, Anton
2 Woods, Elias
3 Grippi, Vito

Match Results – Lady
1 Radinsky, Kelly
2 Greene, Ashlynn
3 Medeiros, Virginia

Match Results – Junior
1 Dunlevy, Lian
2 Greene, Ashlynn
3 Laskowski, Cameron

Match Results – Senior
1 Franklin, Tom
2 Cronk, Robert
3 Tracy, William

1 Danjczek, Michael
2 Shaw, Mike
3 Meyer, Justin

Single Stack
1 Popelas, Brian
2 Van, Stephen
3 Levine, Howard

Match Results – B
1 Popelas, Brian
2 Van, Stephen
3 Levine, Howard

Carry Optics
1 Kello, Nicholas
2 Civitello, Jim
3 Ariyamitr, Bob

Carry Optics M
1 Civitello, Jim
2 Martin, Steve
3 Click, Randy

Carry Optics B
1 Kello, Nicholas
2 Ariyamitr, Bob
3 Brantner, Calvin

Carry Optics C
1 Davidson, Steve
2 Dent, Brian
3 Lucchetti, Vincent

Match Results – Senior
1 Civitello, Jim
2 Martin, Steve
3 Click, Randy

1 Higbee, Brandon
2 Ratliff, Jason
3 Miller, Brian

1 Ratliff, Jason
2 Miller, Brian
3 Paulsen, Jeff

1 Pearson, Keaton
2 Zambrzycki, Ryan
3 Appoldt, Scott

1 Costley, Michael
2 Rosenzweig, Tony
3 Flanagan, Joseph

1 Laskowski jr, Jim
2 Maslonek, Matt
3 Rodriguez, Mark

2017 Championship Match Winners:

Complete Score Here

Match Winner, David Wampler

Top 3 in each class

Limited 1st   – John  Browning
Limited 2nd   – Ben  West
Limited 3rd   –   Christopher  Ambrose

Limited M
1          West, Ben
2          Pacella, Dan
3          Snyder, Ryan

Limited A
1          Ambrose, Christopher
2          Davenport, Brett
3          Herold, Paul

Limited B
1          Alloway, Richard
2          Serembo, Bob
3          McPhee, Kevin

Limited C
1          Toombs, Daniel
2          Wiedrick, Jeff
3          DeFazio, Jenn

Limited D
1          Piazza Jr, Jeff
2          Cowher, Kip
3          Crawford, Brayden

Limited U
1          Smith, Jim
2          Motz, Jake
3          Angell, Brian

Match Results – Lady Limited
1            DeFazio, Jenn
2          Turovsky, Jennifer
3          Cowher, Kip

Match Results – Senior Limited

1         Elder, Roger
2         Rodgers, Ron
3         Mulock, David

Match Results – Law Enforcement

1          Ambrose, Christopher
2          Beam, David
3          Davenport, Brett

Match Results – Carry Optics

1          Kello, Nicholas
2          Simon, Brett
3          Rash, Darren

Carry Optics B

1          Kello, Nicholas
2          Rash, Darren
3          Raines, Bill

Carry Optics C

1          Collins, Jeff
2          Goodman, Rob
3          Richter, Chris

Carry Optics U.

1          Simon, Brett
2          Phifer, Ronald
3          Williams, Paul


1          Weaver, Mike
2          Wampler, David
3          Hilfiker III, Robert

Open A

1          Saber, Eli
2          Curts, Jeff
3          Rutkowski, Joseph

Open B

1          Jackson, Chris
2          Birkhimer, Adam
3          Zombek, Greg

Open C

1          Bowen, Matthew
2          Dittig, Ken
3          Smith, Sophia

Open M

1          Weaver, Mike
2          Hilfiker III, Robert
3          Sargent, Tom

Match Results – Senior Open

1          Cole, Mike
2          Rutkowski, Joseph
3          Nease, Rick

Match Results – Super Senior Open

1         Roberts Paul
2          Brooks, Chuck
3          Little, Garry


1          Meyers, Ian
2          Blake, Kevin
3          Higbee, Brandon


1          Danjczek, Michael
2          Mason, Carl
3          Pinkerton, Paul

Single Stack

1          Popelas, Brian
2          Cowher, Earl
3          Van, Stephen

Match Results Production

Production 1st             Hetherington, Jacob

Production 2nd             Nash, Matthew

Production 3rd             Piraino, Scott

Production M
1          Nash, Matthew
2          Piraino, Scott
3          Rihn IV, Leo

Production A
1          Kosterich, Eric
2          Raines, Ryan
3          White, Joseph

Production B
1          Briggs, Doug
2          Willson, Jacob
3          Coatsworth, Jeremy

Production C

1          Marshall, Adam
2          Lock, Andrew
3          Radinsky, Kelly

Production D

1          Rovnan, John
2          Crawford, Connor
3          Nadler, Leigh

Match Results – Lady

1          Radinsky, Kelly
2          Thomas, Karie
3          Click, Lori

Match Results – Senior

1          Click, Randy
2          Salzberg, Jeffrey
3          Scott, Thomas

2016 Championship Match Winners:

Complete Scores Here
Match winner Matt Trout

Limited 1st   – Matt Trout
Limited 2nd   – Paul Herold

Limited G 1st   – Matthew Trout,
Limited G 2nd   – Robert Evans,

Limited M 1st   – Daniel Pacella

Limited A  1st  Ryan Leas
Limited A 2nd  Ty Moore
Limited A 3rd  Kelly Cobean

Limited B   1st   – Paul Herold
Limited B   2nd   – Richard Alloway
Limited B   3rd   – Mathew Dylewki

Limited C   1st   – Jeff Wiedrick
Limited C   2nd   – David Thomas
Limited C   3rd   – Jon Strain

Limited D   1st    Corey Scheel
Limited D   2nd    Paul Knight

Match Results – Lady Limited
1 Cline, Emily
2 Dorisio, Linda

Match Results – Senior Limited
1 Mulock, David R
2 Rodgers, Ron
Match Results – Junior Limited
1 Mcclain, Jonathan

Open 1st   – Robert Hilfiker
Open 2nd   – David Wampler

Open M 1st  John Marcaida
Open M 2nd  Nick Weidhaas
Open M 3rd  Mike Cole

Open  A 1st  – Robert Hilfiker
Open A 2nd  – Robert   King
Open  A 3rd – Joseph Roberts

Open B   1st   – Adam Birkhimer
Open B   2nd   – Richard Gennaro
Open B   3rd   – Greg Zombek

Open C   1st   – John Learn
Open C   2nd   -Michael Ford
Open C   3rd   – Ken Laliberte

Match Results – Senior Open
1          Brooks, Chuck
2          Gillece, Tom

Match Results – Super Senior Open
1          Roberts, Paul
2          Masler, Bill

Match Results – Lady Open
1          Lao, Sarah
2          Smith, Sophia
3          Masler, Carol

Production 1st   – Russell Maskey

Production 2nd   – Jim Bronson

Production 3rd   – Dennis Beck

Production  G 1st  – Russell Maskey
Production G  2 Jim Bronson
Production  G 3 Dennis  Beck

Production  M 1st  Scott Piraino
Production  M 2 Robert Jennings
Production  M 3  Brett Simon

Production A   1st   – D. Scott Beebe
Production A   2nd –  Eric Mallaber
Production A   3rd – Ryan Zambrzycki

Production B   1st   – George Shorter
Production B   2nd   – Jeremy Coatsworth
Production B   3rd   – Jeff Gressman

Production C   1st   – John Turner
Production C   2nd   – Andrew Ducharme
Production C   3rd   – Karie Thomas

Production D    1st  John Rovnan
Production D    2nd Jody Salerno
Production D    3rd Cameron Laskowski

Production High Senior – Vince Lucchetti
2nd        Scott, Thomas
3rd       Killinger, Jeff

Production High Lady – Karie Thomas

2nd        Torres-reyes, Laura
3rd        Radinsky, Kelly

Production High Junior – Laskowski, Cameron

Single Stack 1st   – Oscar Trachmann
Single Stack 2  Popelas, Brian
Single Stack 3  Cower, Earl

Single Stack B 1st   – Oscar Trachmann
Single Stack B  2        Brian  Popelas,
Single Stack B 3         Earl  Cower,

Single Stack  C 1 Rebol, Bretton

Carry Optics 1st   – Steve Martin
Carry Optics 2    Kevin Blake,
Carry Optics  3    Nick Kello