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    Mar-17, Sunday Clairton    Mar-23, Saturday East Huntingdon  ORIENTATION CLASS Mar-24, Sunday East Huntingdon  Apr-06, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Apr-07, Sunday Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Apr-13, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Apr-14, Sunday Clairton    Apr-14, Sunday Castlewood    Steel Challenge  Apr-20, Saturday Castlewood      Apr-20, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) Steel Challenge  Apr-28, Sunday East Huntingdon 

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    Oct-06, Saturday Hollidaysburg    Oct-07, Sunday Gemcity USPSA     Pardoe USPSA     Pitcairn Monroeville    Oct-13, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Frightening 400 Match   Oct-14, Sunday Clairton        Oct-20, Saturday Lawrence Cou (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Oct-21, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Oct-27, Saturday Castlewood      Halloween Match Oct-28, Sunday East […]

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    Sep-01, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Lawrence County (LCSA)  DATE CHANGE ****** Pardoe USPSA DATE CHANGE  Sep-02, Sunday Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Sep-09, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Sep-15, Sunday Lawrence County (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Sep-16, Sunday Clairton    Sep-22, Saturday Castlewood      Sep-23, Sunday East Huntingdon  Sept-30, Sunday Lawrence County (LCSA)   Classifier Match & Date Change!!

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    Aug-04, Saturday Hollidaysburg  Aug-05, Sunday Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Aug-11, Saturday Lawrence County (LCSA)  Aug-12, Sunday Castlewood      Steel Challenge Aug-18, Saturday Castlewood      Mutigun Week Lawrence County (LCSA)  Steel Challenge Aug-19, Sunday Clairton    Aug-26, Sunday East Huntingdon  Hollidaysburg  Classifier Match

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    Saturday, June 2, 2018 Hollidaysburg  Sunday, June 3, 2018 Pardoe USPSA Gemcity USPSA Pitcairn Monroeville  Saturday, June 9, 2018 Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Sunday, June 10, 2018 Castlewood      Steel Challenge Saturday, June 16, 2018 Lawrence County (LCSA) USPSA  Steel Challenge Sunday, June 17, 2018 Clairton    Saturday, June 23, 2018 Castlewood      Sunday, June […]

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    Hollidaysburg  May 5 https://practiscore.com/hsc-uspsa-may-5th-2018/register Pardoe USPSA May 6 https://practiscore.com/pardoe-sportsmens-association-wpa14-2018-05-06/register Gemcity USPSA May 6 4 Challenging Stages Maybe 5 depending on help at set up  Volunteers are welcome and will receive a discount on there first gun Set up is Saturday Morning at 7:15 am https://practiscore.com/gem-city-gun-club-5-5-5-6-18/register Pitcairn Monroeville  May 6 Setup Saturday 8:30 with discounted shoot […]

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    Matches This Month: 4/7 –  Holidaysburg Register on Practiscore https://practiscore.com/hsc-uspsa-august-5th-2017/register 4/8 – Gem City 4 Challenging Stages Maybe 5 depending on help at set up Volunteers are welcome and will receive a discount on there first gun Set up is Saturday Morning at 7:15 am  https://practiscore.com/gem-city-gun-club-4-7-and-4-8-18/register 4/8 – Pardoe https://practiscore.com/pardoe-sportsmens-association-wpa14-2018-04-08/register 4/8 – PMSC   https://practiscore.com/pitcairn-monroeville-sportsmens-club-april-2018-clone/register Six stages, to include a […]

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    For most of us its time for some gun cleaning, or maybe like me spending my weekend time in the woods. But we still have a match here or there. GemCity is having a Toys for Tots match registration Nov 18-19  https://practiscore.com/toys-for-tots-11-18-11-19-17/register Match starts: November 18, 2017 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: November 19, […]