2017 SCC Please do not send applications before 04/1/17    2017 STEEL CITY CHAMPIONSHIP


Start spreading the news!  May 20 & 21!!!                                                                                                                  

2017 Steel City Championship (SCC) will be earlier this year, May 20, 21.  Mark these dates! This will enable us to have a regular USPSA match in June.

½ day format: Saturday AM (9-12), Saturday PM (11:30 – 2), Sunday AM & Sunday PM. Signup for as many as you want! First gun $50, second gun $40!

NEW TARGETS!!!   60 NEW (never shot) pieces of steel for the 2017 SCC.  You will be the first!! These new targets will be used in the “Walls of Steel” stages!! Unlike any other steel shoot you have ever shot! These will be the most unique steel stages ever: 6 stages! 180 pc. Of reactive steel!!

“Gumball Machine”. 30 – 15” gumballs of every color under the sun!

Shooting Star”, Again 30 – 18” stars from across the galaxy!!

PLUS! Two of the favorite stages from last year!!   ——      “Swinging Poppers” & “Pagoda”!

Registration will start on April first. Or the first of April. Whichever comes first. Please DO NOT send in your applications before 04/01/17. SEE attached for application.

Also! More winners!!   More chances to win $$$

Payouts to 5th place!!!
1st place $100 –– 2nd Place $75 –– 3rd place $50 —- 4th. Place $25 —- 5th. Place $15

 Divisions must have:  

  • 15 competitors to payout to 5th place.
  • 12 competitors pays out to 3rd. place.
  • 10 competitors pays to 2nd. Place.
  • 7 competitors pays 1st. place only.
  • First entry in each division will count for place prize. 2ndentry in same division will not count for prize money.


Hundreds of $$$ IN PRIZES! CED Randomly drawn using your shooter #. Shooter number assigned according to your application arrival.

QUESTIONS?? Cleaver7@comcast.net