Interested in Shooting?

matt t

If you have seen the USPSA Action pistol match on TV, or have heard about it at a local range and have some interest in finding out more information about this shooting sport or you’re tied of going to the range and standing in one spot poking holes in to paper with no validation of your skills or how good you are at shooting your gun?

Well you have found the Western PA section site, and in this site you can find the clubs that might me near you, people who can get your questions answered.   We can get you on the range having a blast (pun intended) with the rest of us.  Guy, Girl or youth all will enjoy a day at the range.

Every spring we have new shooter orientations that I highly recommend.  We cover all the divisions, class, and equipment as well as our rules. At these courses will also allow you to see and shoot a sample stage so bring your equipment.

Below is video from the USPSA web site with an overview.   If you have any question please feel free to reach out to me Greg Zombek (Western PA Section Coordinator) and I will get you started.

Western Pa has a club that shoots just about every weekend from March until November.  Sign up for the newsletter to keep up with matches and special announcements.

Hope to see you on the range!