Western PA PCC Championship


This match has been canceled!

Dave Dorisio & Ray Donch are teaming up to host the first all PCC  Championship match.

Staff will need to be available for the 27th if needed.

We’re planning on 10 stage Match. R Os will shoot for free and there will be other comps.

Dave asked if anyone would like to submit stage to contact him at fast38super@yahoo.com.

Here’s where you come in!
We need your help!
We need the usual help just like with the level II match …. R Os… setup/tear down crews …the whole kit and kaboodle.
As well as any stage design as mentioned before.

If you want to be a part of history and would like to lend a hand and make this a huge success please email Dave Dorisio fast38super@yahoo.com as soon as possible!

If we don’t get the help we cannot put the match on so we need your response as soon as possible so we can get this match rolling.  

I know you guys will help make this a match one we will want to repeat going forward.
If you don’t own a PCC no big deal,  you can still run a stage or give a hand in some way or another!


Did I just give your significant other a great Christmas present idea. 
Nothing better then waking up on Christmas day with a brand new PCC under the tree! 

Just forward this  message and say That “Greg Said I Need a PCC”

Merry Christmas
Greg Zombek
WPA Section Coordinator