LCSA USPSA Level 1 Match on July 9th, 2016


Lawrence County Sportsmens Association will be hosting an USPSA Level 1 Match on July 9th, 2016. Registration, at the Indoor Range, begins at 8:00am and the first relay starts at 9:00am with the second relay starting around 1:00pm. Match fee will be $20 for first gun, and $10 for second gun.

This month’s match will be five stages with a round count of approximately 150 rounds. The Classifier is CM 13-01 Disaster Factor. I’ve worked on reducing the bottlenecks and round count so that we can get the squads thru the match faster while still hosting a fun and challenging match. Any feedback is, as usual, appreciated.

In addition to the usual USPSA Divisions, we will also be allowing Pistol Caliber Carbines to compete. Please keep in mind that long guns must be flagged and bagged during the match. Please take a moment to look at the proposed Appendix D8 to the USPSA Handgun Rules.

Results will be posted within one hour of the last shot to USPSA and Practiscore.

We will be setting up Friday starting at 10am and will, time permitting, shoot a relay Friday afternoon.

The Written Stage Briefs for each stage: LCSA USPSA July Stages

Stage diagrams:

Stage 1 – “Third Try” 
Stage 2 – “Larry Lunchbox” 
Stage 3 – “The Crowd” 
Stage 4 – “Circling The Drain” 
Stage 5 – “This Is A Classifier, Rich” 
Stage 6 – CM 13-01 “Disaster Factor” 

We will be looking for a new Match Director for next year.  If you’re interested, please let us know!