LCSA Frightening Four Hundred Match!


Update !!   Match Results are here on Practiscore

As of this post, we have 85 shooters registered for the Frightening Four Hundred.  Please take a moment to look at the squadding for the match.

If you haven’t signed up yet, please do!

Registration will begin at 7:00am, including walk-ons, at the LCSA Clubhouse.  We will accept cash or credit/debit cards for match payment.  The MANDATORY Shooter’s Meeting will be at 7:45 in front of the LCSA Indoor Range.  Shooting will begin at 8:00am.  We expect the match will take approximately eight hours to complete.  Around lunchtime we will have hot dogs available at the LCSA Indoor Range.  Please come up and grab lunch on the go so we can get thru the match while the sun is still out!  After the match we will have a social gathering at the LCSA Clubhouse. Dinner will include appetizers, german potato salad, pulled pork, salad, and dessert.

This match will be RO’d by the individual squads – just like most of the of the other Level 1 matches in the Western PA Section.  We will, however, assign one shooter from each squad to act as CRO for their squad.

If you see any LCSA club members, please take a moment to thank them for what they have done for the LCSA USPSA, SCSA, and IDPA clubs.  LCSA has invested a significant amount of time, effort, and money into the pistol sports.  The pistol bays, the steel, the props, outbuildings, and so on.  In fact, the club is considering lighting the existing bays and constructing additional bays.

We feel so bad that we cancelled this August’s match that we’ve decided to host a special match on October 29th.

It’s one those depressing “5th Weekends” when there’s no shooting in Western PA, but not anymore!

We’re putting up seven scary stages, giving away cash prizes, and awarding trophies!  This will be a “400” style match which means each stage is about 60 rounds long – so bring a bucket of ammo and lots of magazines.

As most of you know, Single Stack is near and dear to my blackened and brittle old heart – so we’ll have a few of the “…all ammo must come from the table…” stages so I don’t have to strap on eight mag pouches!


7:00am – Range opens for registration & payment
7:45am – Registration closes
7:45am – Shooter’s Briefing
8:00am – First Shot
11:00am thru 1:00pm – Lunch (Grab & Go!)
5:00pm – Awards & Dinner


Stage 1: Night Time In The Switching Yard Diagram & WSB
Stage 2: I’ll Slow You Down Diagram & WSB
Stage 3: Suzie Lightning Diagram & WSB
Stage 4: Gridlock Diagram & WSB
Stage 5: Something Bad Happened To A Clown Diagram & WSB
Stage 6: Let Nothing Come Between You Diagram & WSB


We’ll have a social event after the match at the clubhouse.

The best part of all of this is that we’re only charging $40 for the whole show.

Please help us by signing up and squadding on Practiscore:

Stages will be coming out soon !

Don’t forget we’ll be hosting our usual USPSA match on September 10th!

Lawrence County Sportsmen’s Association